Winter & Christmas CD

Winter & Christmas CD


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Made up of 8 traditional Christmas songs and 8 original compositions, Winter & Christmas is a beautiful collection of music for any time of the year.

"...this is one gorgeous Christmas album... Very highly recommended..."   Kathy Parsons,
"God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen... Possibly one of the best versions that have been made.  Sublime!"  
Reviews New Age

Album Credits

Nominated for Best Holiday Album at Zone Music Reporter's 2010 Music Awards

Number 9 on the New Age Music Charts in December of 2010,
debuting at Number 34, Zone Music Reporter's Top 100

Kathy Parson's CD "pick of the month" for November, 2008 on

Released by Jingo Records in Asia in August of 2011 under the title "Castle in the Snow"

"Midnight Snow" was the 3rd most popular song on for the 2009 Christmas season

"Eve of Winter" was in Whisperings Solo Piano Radio's
Top 100 for early 2010.

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Released 31 July 2008
Total running time: 60:28
All original songs written, arranged & performed by Amy Lauren
All public domain songs arranged and performed by Amy Lauren
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Brett Huus, Sound Strations
Photography & artwork by Megan McCluskey,

All music written, composed, arranged, performed and recorded by Amy Lauren. Copyright © 2014, All Rights Reserved.
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