Beautiful Quiet CD

Beautiful Quiet CD


Free shipping within the U.S. Called "A haven of tranquil melodies" by Kathy Parsons at, Beautiful Quiet consists of all original lullabies and is another exquisite collection of soft, soothing and relaxing music awaiting the listener. The follow up to Amy's best selling Close Your Eyes CD, Beautiful Quiet is perfect "zen" listening for adults, or the tiniest of ears!

"The Lost Lullaby... especially intimate and masterful.  Absolute tranquility, gorgeous... an album that shines!"  - Reviews New Age

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On Amazon's Best Seller's List - Winter 2014

Released by Jingo Records in Asia in February of 2012

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Release Date: 30 November 2010
Total Running Time: 53:11
Written & performed by Amy Lauren
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Brett Huus, Sound Strations
Photograpy & artwork by Megan McCluskey,

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